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A Paleo Success Story

It was a good thing.  I will certainly keep up with the eating part as much as possible.  Maybe the 90% / 10% rule since I have lost 5lbs!  Gross but awesome side effect.. Long runs often meant "runner's trots" TMI Sorry! This only happened once during the challenge and that was after my cheat night at the wedding (duh!) I must say, even cheating, I was better than I normally would have been at the wedding. :) 
I cheated 4 times 
5 lbs
1/2 inch on my waist
3/4 inch from hips
1/2 inch on my arms

New 4pm CrossFit Class

Starting today we are adding a new 4pm CrossFit class Monday thru Friday.  Same CrossFit class, just an additional time.  Hopefully fewer excuses to miss!


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