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I Say "I Love You" With CrossFit

An early Valentine's present: Beginning February 1st, Metacomet CrossFit & Yoga will be adjusting our prices.  To streamline our pricing and as a thank you for your support, all members will be be brought down to the 20% discount.  In doing so, we will eliminate the current corporate discounts in lieu of this (our police/military/firefighter discount will be 10%).

Currently our pricing for Unlimited CrossFit & Yoga is $200 a month / $180 for 3x/week.  The new rates are as follows:

Unlimited CrossFit and Yoga - $150.45 + tax = $160 per month*
3x/week CrossFit and Yoga (or 12 per month) - $131.65 + tax = $140 per month**

Don't forget to tell your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers! 

Have a great day and Stay Healthy!
Coach Dan

*couple pricing: $282.09 = $300
**couple pricing: $253.88 = $270

Pay with your debit card?  Switch to ACH withdrawl instead!  We just need your account and routing numbers.

Yoga and CrossFit Tonight!

Now that the roads are clear, come on in for regularly scheduled CrossFit classes at 4pm, 5pm, and 7pm as well as Lindsey's Flow and Flexibility yoga class at 6pm, so you can stretch out after all that shoveling!  See you tonight! 

Marclion Metacomet



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