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Member Highlight: Meet Marla!



How old are you? 46


What is your career/job? I have a holistic nutrition consulting business and I also do house cleaning using all natural, nontoxic products. 


How long have you been doing CrossFit and/or Yoga?  I started CrossFit in January 2014


Why did you decide to try CrossFit and/or Yoga?  I do a lot of racing (5k, ½ marathon, trail and Spartan races).  CrossFit seemed like an effective way to improve my times through conditioning the whole body as opposed to just running.  I liked the fact that scores would be kept to allow me to be competitive with both myself and others and also to track my progress


How often to you go to Metacomet?  I try to go 3-4 times a week


How do you find the time to get it all in? I usually go to the 5:45am WOD before my kids are up and before work. 


What is your favorite WOD (workout of the day) or asana (pose)? Any WOD that includes box jumps, double unders and/or running.  Murph too! 


What results or changes have you experienced – physically/mentally?  The overall combination of strength and endurance I have gained from CrossFit helped me recently complete a ½ marathon at my goal of 1:51:01.  This was almost 11 minutes faster than last year’s time.  My 5k times have improved and it is also nice that I can climb over walls at Spartan race by myself.  I always recover very well and fairly quickly after a race, most of which are long and uphill.  I’m sure this is because of CrossFit!


What is your diet/lifestyle like?  My diet is 90% vegetarian and mostly raw foods.  I do eat eggs often but only eat meat once every few months.  I don’t consume any gluten, soy, dairy or fish.  In addition to CrossFit I take 3 black belt karate classes a week and try to run 1-2 times per week. 


How would you describe the Metacomet community? A very friendly and supportive community of people of all levels of fitness. 


What would you tell someone considering CrossFit and/or Yoga? CrossFit is a very diverse workout that can benefit anyone.  You can make it competitive as you want or just come to improve your overall fitness/confidence levels in a very supportive environment. 

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