Whether you are interested in expanding your yoga practice or using Yoga to improve your athletic performance, we have classes for you. 

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Flow and Flexibility with Lindsey

Connect to the inner peace that resides in all of us!

A vinyasa flow practice that integrates breath work, movement, and mind/body awareness. With a blend of flowing movement and a series of stretching postures you will increase healthy flexibility and quiet your mind as you detoxify your body. All levels are welcomed.

Gentle Yoga / Kripalu All Levels Yoga with Melissa

Kripalu Yoga offers an experience of movements that stretch, strengthen, and balance the body while quieting the mind.  This class is great for beginners and all levels.  Class focuses on relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and a variety of standing, seated, and floor poses.  Modifications are offered to intensify or soften your personal practice.

Mobility based Yoga with Dan

Yoga is perfect to balance and enhance the student in a CrossFit program!

All levels and abilities, this class has a focus on what many individuals struggles with - from discomfort to limitations - tight hips, shoulders, low back issues and more.  We will utilize yoga postures and mobility work including self massage to address ailments and achieve overall well being 

All Levels Power Yoga with Kristi

Experience the integration of breath and movement set to music. Postures may be held longer to unite the body with the breath and mind. Modifications can be made to accommodate everyone by either kicking it up a notch to sweat a little or by taking it down a notch, allowing a heartwarming and satisfying experience for all. 

Morning Flow with Dave

A class to awaken breath, body and soul, using pranayama (breathing practice) and asana (posture practice) to warm the major muscle groups, stretch the spine and bring life to limb and mind. Using breath and movement to gently bring prana (life energy) within, the yogi should leave alert, focused, calm and ready to face his or her day.

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